DECEMBER 7, 2021
7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Ginny Bracket, Chair, Doug Phillips, Marianne Stevens, John Phillips and Betsy Poulin
Staff: Paul Mitnik, CEO, LPI, BI, AO
Ryan Page, Alternate CEO, LPI, BI, AO
Public: Brooke Barnes, Maine DG Holdings, LLC, Ben Aparo, SRE and Mary Grow Town Line Reporter

1.) November 9, 2021 Minutes
The Minutes were approved by the motion of Doug Phillips, seconded by Marianne Stevens 5-0.

2.) Applicants

A. Maine DG Holdings LLC (Brooke Barnes and Ben Aparo)
Major Site Plan Review Application
Riverside Dr.
Map 4, Lot 4
Change of Ownership

The change of ownership application from Maine DG Holdings, LLC to Vassalboro PV, LLC was accepted by the motion of Doug Phillips, seconded by Marianne Stevens, 4-0. John Phillips abstained from voting, citing conflict of personal interest. Doug Phillips made a motion to amend to include a provision pertaining a bond required by the Department of Environmental Protection. The motion was seconded by Marianne Stevens, approved 4-0.

Special conditions:

1. Move to grant the permit based on prior approval granted to Maine DG Holding LLC on September 1, 2020 and as extended for two 6 month periods on August 3, 2021 because the Town Site Review ordinance has not changed since those approvals and all applicable review and conditions of the prior approvals remain the same and are assumed by Vassalboro PV LLC.

2. Motion was amended to include a provision pertaining bonding required by DEP. 

3.) CEO Report
Medical Marijuana Licensing discussed
Paul Mitnik’s last Planning Board as Code Enforcement Officer

4.) Other
Meeting adjourn 8:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ryan Page, Alt CEO, LPI, BI, AO