Approved at the January 03, 2011 Meeting

Vassalboro Planning Board Meeting
December 07, 2010

Ginny Bracket, Chair X
Sally Butler X
Doug Phillips X
Leon Cummings X
George Gould _absent__
Paul Mitnik X

1.) Chair called meeting to order at 7:00 PM
2.) Review Minutes of Nov 09,2010 approved with changes
3.) Mike Willette/Stargate-II/SBA III
First item was to get authorization to reduce the height of the structure from 190 feet as previously approved to a lower height of 160 feet

2nd Issue is the ordinance states no transfer of ownership and the conditional use permit does not have SBA Towers III LLC and Mr. Willette would like it added for the record.
Motion made by Cummings/Phillips all in favor 4/0

4.) Discussion on Subdivision Ordinance by request of Mitnik

Paul feels the ordinance need to better reflect what is in State Law and needs to be updated. and include open space requirements. State Title 30-A 4401
Ginny wants to remove a lot of the redundancies from the ordinance as well to make it clear and easier on the reader.

Doug suggested to look at the ordinances and get a list of items that need changing together.

Paul volunteered to put a list together of items that need updating
Lee will look items that could be too restrictive as well
Items will be brought back to next meeting for discussion

5.) The Planning Board reviewed the Zoning Map as it now appears and Ginny suggested that Stephenie MacLagan be invited to next meeting.

6.) Doug suggested that the Board should have a copy of the ordinances as they appear on the web site to avoid conflicting issues with multiple copies being used.


A. Get a copy of Winslow Zoning and Open Space Ordinances

B. Invite Stephenie MacLagan of DEP to next meeting

Motion to adjourn----8:55 pm Voted 4/0