Town of Vassalboro
Planning Board
Minutes of December 06, 2011



Ginny Brackett, Chair _______
Sally Butler _______
Marianne Hubert _______
George Gould _______
Doug Phillips _______
Leon Cummings _______Absent
D. Feeney CEO/LPI _______

Ginny called meeting to order shortly after 7:00 PM

Minutes of November approved as written

Previous Business

1. Dumont, Lorilee and Michael
Site Review

The Board reviewed the now complete application of the Dumont’s and went item by item thru Site Review Minor
Doug Phillips made motion to Approve-2nd by George Gould- Committee voted all in Favor
Application was approved as presented.

2. Lee Anne Beaulieu
Home Occupation
After review the Board decided this business did not need to go through the Site Review process.
It was recommended at hat the fee also be returned.
Voted all in favor.




3. Leo Barnett
Discussion Only
Subdivision Extension Old Meadow Road.


Incomplete application was submitted



No fee was paid
Mr. Barnett advised to redo application and resubmit for later date.

Discussion on Subdivision Ordinance and Potential Changes

How to proceed with review.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

Next meeting Scheduled for Jan. 03,2012