AUGUST 3, 2021
7:00 P.M.

Board Members: Sally Butler, Doug Phillips, Marianne Stevens, John Phillips,
Staff: Paul Mitnik, Interim CEO, LPI, BI, AO
Public: Matt Streeter, Maine Rivers; Kara Moody, Stantec; Mary Grow, Town Line Reporter

Due to the absence of Board Chair Ginny Brackett, Doug Phillips chaired the meeting.

1. Review of July 6 Minutes Approved 4-0

2. Applicants

A. Maine DG Holdings LLC
Major Site Plan Review Application
Riverside Dr
Map: 4, Lot 4
Extension of Approval Period

An extension of the permit approval of the Planning Board on September 1, 2020 of one year is requested as authorized by Section XI (A) of the Site Review Ordinance.

An extension of the permit approval of 1 year was granted by motion of Marianne Stevens seconded by Sally Butler Vote 3-0.

B. Linda Butterfield / Maine Rivers
Shoreland Zoning
Use extending over the normal high water line (Sect 14(#15))
Limited Residential / Commercial District
China Lake Outlet Stream
21 Mineral Spring Road
Tax Map 12, Lot 1

Removal of the Morneau dam and replacement of a bridge crossing the Outlet Stream are proposed.
Discussion by Matt Streeter, Maine Rivers
• Part of alewife restoration project to provide fish passage to the Outlet Stream of China Lake
• Removal of dam, powerhouse, and retaining wall on east side of Outlet stream
• Removal and replacement of bridge and abutments to provide bank full flow for habitat
• 2000 yards of rip rap to replace retaining wall
• Impervious area to be reduce from 14307 to 12942 sf
• House on property is non-conforming; only 75 feet to HWM of Outlet Stream. No changes are proposed for home
• Army Corp of Engineers permit already approved
• Project is expected to take five weeks to be implemented sometime between July 15 to September 30; the low flow period.
• Temporary sandbag coffer dams will be utilized so that project can be undertaken in the dry
Vote for Completeness
Motion by:
Seconded by:
_x_ Approved 4-0
__ Denied

Project Approval
Motion by:
Seconded by:
_x_ Approved 4-0
__ Denied

Adjourn 8:15.

Respectfully submitted

Paul Mitnik
Interim CEO, LPI, BI, AO