Town of Vassalboro Maine
Planning Board
Minutes of August 03, 2010

_Sally Butler (excused) _Paul Mitnik
_George Gould _Virginia Brackett
_Doug Philips _Leon Cummings

Ilona Riesel David Jenney
Mary Grow Mike Mc Kenney
Tracy Mc Kenney

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Code Officer Dan Feeney
Nominations for Chairman:
George Gould nominated Virginia Brackett
Leon Cummings Nominated Paul Mitnik
Nominations closed

General Discussion on new direction for the board
Virginia commented she was totally mystified by the Selectmen’s issues
Statement of we don’t enforce
Paul was very effective Code Officer

Doug Philips.
Selectmen never come to Planning Board meetings.
George Gould agreed.

Paul wants to make sure the PB follows the checklists
Doug Philips suggested a possible workshop to come up with direction , suggested possible time limits or number of cases for each Agenda.

Doug Philips moved the question

Nominations closed and voted:
Virginia Brackett elected by members unanimously

June 2, minutes
Doug Phillips made motion to approve minutes
George Gould seconded
Voted Unanimously

Tracy Mc Kenney

The Board had tabled the driveway issue until a site visit could be conducted. Members met on site on July 20th to review site distance for driveway.

August 3 meeting-
The 350’ site distance can be met if the driveway is moved away from the Resource Protection zone to the 100’mark

Final Conditions for Approval.
1 Driveway will be set back 100’from high water mark of stream.
2. A 12” Smooth Bore Culvert is required at every 200’ length of driveway
3. Buffer Strip that will be 60’ wide starting from high-water mark of stream will remain un-scarified and uncut. Owner to obtain Shoreland Zoning Permit from CEO
4. Driveway will be at right angle to Hannaford Hill Road.
5. Existing Driveway will be discontinued and gate shut permanently.
6. Timeframe for discontinuance. 30 days from Shoreland Zone Permit Issuance.
7. No building permit until above issues are completed.

Motion by Doug Phillips
Second Leon Cummings
Voted 5-0

1. Marcoux property.

Property consists of the old woolen mill with:

2. DEP Mapping of Wetlands.
Paul is going to discuss some of the issues raised in theletter from DEP.

Country Way Subdivision - Leon Cummings
14 lot.