Meeting of April 5th, 2016
7:00 PM
Vassalboro Town Hall

Board Members Present: Ginny Brackett, Chair; Betsy Poulin, Doug Phillips, John Philips, Sally Butler, Paul Breton

Public: Mary Grow, Ray Breton, Jodi Welch, Bernie Welch

Staff: Richard Dolby, CEO; Alton Stevens, Esq. Town Attorney

1. Call Planning Board Meeting to order.

2. Applicant
Bernie, Jodi, & Finn Welch d/b/a
Streamside Farm Subdivision
513 Main St.
Map 12, Lot 4

3. The Board review the status of the application, and noted:

a) The submission of a drawing by Coffin Engineering denoting the number of units and their approximate location within the structure.
b) The submission of a letter from the Town Manager, provided at the request of the applicant. The letter addressed reviews and approvals of the Public Works Department, Fire Department, Transfer Station, and Addressing Officer.

4. The Board proceeded to discuss the merits of the submission when the Town Attorney inquired if he could offer his comments. The Board granted his request. Of concern to him was:

a.) The subdivision as proposed was limited to the existing structure, while it has been mentioned that the prior owner may have sold a portion of the original lot to a second party with the sale of the adjacent single family home. If indeed this was the case, the sale would be the 1st division of land and would be required to be a part of the submission before the Board.
b.) The plan submitted by Coffin Engineering was noted as lacking in detail, specific arrangement of units in the main structure were not detailed. Of concern was the lack of explanation of “Other areas” outside the apartment/units that are to be retained by the property owner and their use/s not identified sufficiently.
c.) The arrangement of units located on the upper floor lacked what appears to be adequate exits.
d.) The Board was cautioned that the local ordinances prohibited the approval of the subdivision plan which was known to have unresolved violations of other ordinances enforced by the Town.

i. Specifically, the lack of authorization for the creation of apartment units beyond those authorized by the prior CEO.
ii. The lack of inspections of the permitted work accomplished.
iii. The occupancy of the units without having applied for and obtaining the required “Occupancy Permit”.

5. The applicant showed significant concern about the timing of the noted items, and defended his intention to provide a safe environment for tenants.

6. The Board discussed the desire to limit the scope of the subdivision to the internal number of units as they had deliberated and agreed upon during an earlier meeting.

7. The Town Attorney noted if the 1st division was within a fire (5) year window it would have to be included.

8. The CEO noted that the earlier discussion had been cause for him to examine the possibility that the earlier discussion and decision by the Board might be in question and had consulted with the Town Attorney to obtain legal guidance. The Board had been so firm in their decision he had requested the Town Attorney attend the meeting to address the matter before the Board reached a final decision.

9. Motion to table, moved by Douglas Philips, Seconded by Betsy Poulin, and the Board voted to accept the motion.

10. The Board moved to adjourn and voted to accept the motion.

11. Adjourned, 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard A. Dolby, CEO