Draft -April 03, 2012
Planning Board Minutes
7:00 p.m.
Town Office Building

Ginny Brackett, Chair ______
Sally Butler ______
Marianne Hubert ______
Doug Phillips Excused
George Gould ______
Leon Cummings Excused

Minutes of previous meeting
Will be reviewed at next meeting

Public Hearing
East Vassalboro Water Company
Proposed changes to ordinances by request.

Don Robbins of EVWC talked on the State Law and his companies attempt to capture some of the Obama Stimulus Funds

Currently there is nothing in the ordinance that allows the EVWC to review and or have knowledge of any building within their area of influence.

Bill Pullen resident is concerned that there are only 19 parcels of land yet the Town as a whole will vote on this change to ordinance

V. Brackett spoke on what the change does or does not and its only to notify the EVWC of potential threats to groundwater in their service area.
There was confusion on the actual issue whether it was surface water or Bedrock water and it was explained that this addition to ordinance review is for deep pocketed veins of water not surface run off .

The well just put in by the EVWC is in excess of 600.ft. deep

Jim Schad-resident concerned proposal would cause him not to be able to repair his home by lining a chimney and installing up stairs windows.
According to Mr. Schad he is .726 mile from the well
He felt all the information supplied to him was very vague. And misdirected in some areas (Radio Tower Hill)
He was also concerned about the age of the study now 13 yrs old.

He stated he just wanted peaceful enjoyment of his property
He did applaud the EVWC for wanting to upgrade its service area.

V. Brackett discussed that the only way to be 100% sure there is bedrock water is to cut a path through the area and to analyze the data collected. Almost all Bedrock runs in a NE-SW direction.

The intent is to give the EVWC knowledge of what is transpiring in the area and allow them to voice any concerns they may have to the Planning Board.
There was an ongoing discussion of where the Kennebec Water system ran and if you could hook into that if need arose The EVWC well(new) has a 100 per minute flow.
Board agreed to send the article(s) on to Town meeting in June.

Public hearing closed at 8:20 P.M.

2. Leo Barnett-
Old Meadow Road Subdivision

Continued fro Feb. 06 meeting

Mr. Feeney asked Mr. Barnett about placement of a second septic system on the 4 lots as required by the State Plumbing Codes should the first fail. Barnett claimed he would need a waiver on one but the rest would be no problem.

The Board had previously requested a verification that Old Meadow Rd had been aligned (as a result of a court order and Mr. Barnett produced a letter from Pickett Land Surveyors inc of Oakland and signed by James E. Moore III –PLS 2281 that states The centerline of the road as drawn is the center of the 50 foot right of way.
N e-mail from Gene Field Road Foreman verified he had inspected the work at Old Meadow that Mr. Barnett had undertaken and it met the basic requirements of the Town.

The Planning Board went through the entire performance standards and voted on each item in the affirmative. (Hand written notes are in file as to who moved and seconded)
Application was complete and project was voted –all in favor to approve the changes as presented.

3. Susan Laplant
Map 3 lot 116
2038 Riverside Drive

Change in use.
Susan and Gary LaPlant are seeking permission to install a kitchen for the purpose of making sauces to be sold retail and use in their restaurant.

The board went thru the checklist for site review and through Site Review itself and found the application was complete(existing file will be combined) Planning board unanimously to accept the application as complete and then Voted to Approval the Conditional Use change.

No further business was conducted.
Meeting adjourned at 855 p.m. by the chair
Next meeting is scheduled for May 2nd 2012.