Vassalboro Planning Board
Oct. 7, 2008

  1. Open meeting

  2. Review minutes of Sept 2, 2008

  3. Richard Bouchard
    Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
    Seasonal Conversion and Structure Expansion
    Tax Map 6, Lot 26A
    An expansion to a seasonal camp and conversion to year round use off Webber Pond Rd near the dam.

  4. Peter and Teena French
    Shoreland Zoning Outlet Stream
    New Residential Structure and Expansion
    Tax Map 23, Lot 79

    Peter and Teena French are proposing to rebuild a residence destroyed by a recent fire on 12 Willow St in North Vassalboro

  5. Laurah Brown
    Shoreland Zoning Seven Mile Stream
    New Residence
    Tax Map 16A, Lot 2

    Laurah Brown is planning to build a new residence at the beginning of the Dam Rd adjacent to Seven Mile Stream.

  6. Jeff Lacasse Kennebec Water District
    Shoreland Zoning China Lake
    Boat Launch
    Tax Map11, Lot 58

    The KWD would like feedback from the Planning Board on their plan to re-locate the existing boat launch in East Vassalboro to another location.

  7. Elwood Ellis
    Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan
    Tax Map 4, Lot 27-E

    Elwood Ellis will introduce a proposal for a three lot subdivision for Dick Bradstreet’s land adjacent to Sherwood Lane.

  8. Doug Young
    Major Subdivision Sketch Plan
    Tax Map 11, Lots 98, 98-16, 98-17
    Doug Young will introduce a proposal for a 14 lot subdivision off the Nelson Rd.

  9. Rose Spaulding
    Minor Site Review
    Beauty Salon Business
    Tax Map 11, Lot 37

    Rose Spaulding is planning on moving an established beauty saloon business to 244 Main St.

  10. Michael Hudson and Kathy Tupper
    Minor Site Review
    Convenience Store
    Tax Map 23, Lot 28

    Mike and Kathy are planning to re-open Carl’s Quick Stop on Main St in North Vassalboro.

  11. Future Schedule

    The first and second Tuesdays of November are Election Day and a holiday (Veteran’s Day). When do you want to schedule the Planning Board meeting in November? Also when should we resume the Shoreland Zoning meetings?