Vassalboro Planning Board
Oct. 6, 2009

  1. Open meeting

  2. Review minutes of Sept 1, 2009

  3. Richard Bouchard
    Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
    Seasonal Conversion and Structure Expansion
    Tax Map 6, Lot 26A

    Richard is renewing an application that will be expiring to expand a seasonal camp and convert it to year round use off Webber Pond Rd near the dam.

  4. Nate Gray
    Maine Dept of Marine Resources
    Repair of Webber Pond Dam Flow Gates
    Shoreland Zoning – Use Projecting Over a Water Body
    Tax Map 6, Lot 17

    DMR is proposing to repair the gates regulating outlet flow as part of their effort to restore alewives to Webber Pond.

  5. Sandy Lamothe
    Shoreland Zonning Three Mile Pond
    Seasonal Conversion and New Foundation
    Tax Map 15, Lot 12

    This proposal is a renewal of an expired permit issued in August of 2006 at 70 Three Mile Pond Rd. The updated ordinance now requires that the owner relocate a non-conforming structure further from the high water mark, if possible.

  6. Steve Pelletier and Al Barton
    Pre-Application Conference Major Site Review
    Shoreland Zoning Outlet Stream
    Commercial Use in Limited Residential / Commercial Zone
    Dance Hall and Bar
    Tax Map 23, Lot 85-1

    A dance hall serving liquor is proposed at the former site of the Kennebec Bean Factory at 960 Main St. The pre-application conference is a requirement of the Site Review Ordinance for a major project which is informal and informational in which no decision is made by the Board.