MAY 4, 2021
7:00 P.M.

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You will be allowed to comment at times specified by the Board in a question and answer box.

1. Review of April 6, 2020 Minutes.
2. Applications

A. Mathew Williams and Renee Zohar Fischman
Minor Site Plan Review
Medical Marijuana Grow Facility
1776 North Belfast Ave
Tax Map 9, Lots 70 & 70-A

A change in ownership at an existing marijuana grow facility which requires Planning Board approval. Section XI (D) indicates permits for site plan review are not transferrable to a new owner.

B. Sebago Technics
Major Site Plan Review
Solar Array
Cemetery St
Map 8 Lots 72 & 72-C

A 4.39 MW solar array consisting of 29.9 acres is proposed off Cemetery St.

C. CEO Report

D. Other