Vassalboro Planning Board
March 01, 2011
7:00 PM
Town Office Building

Ginny Brackett, Chair_____
Sally Butler _____
Doug Phillips _____
George Gould _____
Paul Mitnik _____
Leon Cummings _____

Minutes from Feb 1. Meeting___

Public Hearing Discussion

Vote to hold Public Hearing(s) (APRIL)

A. Shoreland Zoning Map revisions
B. Changes to Floodplain Management Ordinance
C. FEMA Adoption of Base Flood Elevations
D. Amendments to Site Review Ordinance (East Vassalboro Water Co.)

1. Site Review-Major.
Mike Petito (Application not received)
Jake Shorey

2. Site Review-Major
Nick Jose (Application not received)

3. Subdivision Ordinance revision (Paul Mitnik)
Postponed from Feb 1,2011 meeting