Vassalboro Planning Board
July 13, 2010

  1. Open meeting

  2. Review minutes of June 1, 2010

  3. Tim Downing
    Duratherm Window Corp
    Pre-application Meeting
    Tax Map 8, Lot 100

    Tim Downing is presenting a plan for a wind turbine and is inquiring about whether he needs to be permitted under the Site Review Ordinance

  4. Bruce Shorey
    Shoreland Zoning China Lake
    Re-Construction of Non-Conforming Structure
    Limited Residential District
    Tax Map 11, Lot 59

    A boat house will be demolished and rebuilt for storage use on Shorey Rd.

  5. Kevin Easler
    Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
    Expansion of Non-Connforming Structure
    Limited Residential District
    Tax Map 19, Lot 30

    A small expansion is planned for a camp located at 98 Jones Rd.

  6. Tracey McKenney
    Shoreland Zoning Wetland
    Driveway in Resource Protection District
    Tax Map 5, Lot 31-A

    A driveway is proposed across a Resource Protection District due to entrance safety concerns on Hannaford Hill Rd

  7. Tom Bouchard
    Major Site Review
    Machine Shop Business
    Tax Map 4, Lot 6

    Tom wants to move his machine shop from Fairfield to Vassalboro at a large storage building located on the south intersection of Burleigh Rd and Route 201.

  8. Todd Overlock
    Minor Site Review
    Shoreland Zoning Commercial Use
    Automobile Repair
    Tax Map 23, Lot 85-1

    An after-the-fact permit application for an automobile repair facility located at the Marcoux property at the site of the former Kennebec Bean Co.

  9. Leon Cummings
    Major Subdivision Fourteen Lots
    Sketch Plan
    Tax Map 10, Lot 78

    A subdivision is planned off Crowell Hill Rd consisting of Fourteen Lots.

  10. Robert Greig
    Major Subdivision Modification
    Echo Hill Subdivision
    Tax Map 1, Lot 177

    Robert Greig is proposing to change the original plan of duplexes to single family homes in a subdivision off Church Hill Rd approved in October of 2007.