Vassalboro Planning Board
July 1, 2008

  1. Open meeting
  2. Review minutes of June 3, 2008
  3. Jody Jose
    Shoreland Zoning, Webber Pond
    Residential Conforming Structure
    Tax Map 6, Lot 26

    Jody Jose is converting the old power house near the Webber Pond dam to a year round residence and workshop.

  4. Nick Jose
    Minor Site Review
    Paint Ball Business
    Tax Map 6, Lot 33

    A paint ball business is planned by Nick Jose at 647 Webber Pond Rd.

  5. William Pullen
    Minor Site Review Substantial Enlargement
    Freddies Service Station
    Tax Map 21, Lot 14

    An 20 X 40 foot addition is planned for Freddie’s located at 378 Main St in East Vassalboro.

  6. Norm Ouellette and George Gordon
    Minor Site Review
    Flea Market Business
    Tax Map 3, Lot 72

    A Flea Market is planned next to Tyler Olsen’s Used Car Business on Riverside Dr. at Getchell’s Corner.

  7. Greg OHalloran
    Stone Road Subdivision
    Tax Map 9, Lot 31

    An extension from the original deadline for the removal of the poultry barn debris is being requested, due to a problem with asbestos removal that was not originally anticipated.