Vassalboro Planning Board
February 5, 2008

  1. Open meeting
  2. Review minutes of January 8, 2008
  3. Building Permit Ordinance Proposed Revisions and Fees

    Planning Board’s input to the proposed changes and fee schedule to be presented to the Selectmen.

  4. Leon Dudley
    Shoreland Zoning - Construction of Garage / Seasonal Residence
    Three Mile Pond
    Tax Map 13, Lot 11

    A garage with an upstairs to be used as a seasonal residence is proposed at 124 Park Lane adjacent to Three Mile Pond.

  5. April Sawtelle
    Minor Site Review
    Real Estate Business
    Tax Map 23, Lot 44-1

    The former Main St Realty located at 909 Main St is being transferred to a new lessee.

  6. Bridget Hutchison
    Minor Site Review Substantial Enlargement
    Expansion of Diner
    Tax Map 8, Lot 117

    Bridget’s Place located at 796 Main St is proposing to convert storage space attached to an existing diner into a take out order place for pizza.