Vassalboro Planning Board
672 Main Street
Vassalboro, Maine 04962
7:00 PM
Tuesday December 06-2011

Ginny Brackett, Chair_____
Sally Butler _____
Maryann Hubert _____
Doug Phillips _____
George Gould _____
Leon Cummings _____

Review Minutes of Nov. 1,2011_____________

Old Business:
a. Michael, Lorilee & Nicholas Dumont
Site Review-minor
Map 3 lot 24
Re-use of structure at 276 Dunham Road

b. Leo Barnett-expansion to Old Meadow Road Subdivision

New Business:
a. Site Review Minor Project
Map 21-Lot 42
Lee Ann Beaulieu
38 So. Stanley Road

b. Review of Subdivision Ordinance (ongoing)

c. Other Business

d. Set date for next meeting________

e. Adjourn