Vassalboro Planning Board
August 14, 2007

  1. Open meeting
  2. Review minutes of June 26, 2007
  3. Fred Saucier
    Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
    Tax Map 10, Lot 117

    An expansion to an existing mobile home is proposed.

  4. Richard Kelley
    Shoreland Zoning Structure Expansion
    Tax Map 18, Lot 12

    An expansion of a deck to an existing principal structure is proposed.

  5. Kevin Luczko
    Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
    Modification to Former Approval
    Tax Map 10, Lot 119

    The former approval in April of 2006 was to replace an old duplex rental unit with two new stick structures to be put on two separate slabs. One of the buildings has already been constructed. The second will be changed slightly.

  6. Leo Barnett
    Major Subdivision Modification
    Tax Map 2, Lot 87

    A subdivision modification is proposed to increase a formerly approved 10 lot subdivision to 14 lots.

  7. Coffin Engineering
    Major Subdivision Preliminary Plan
    Tax Map 1, Lot 177-3

    A subdivision consisting of five duplexes (10 lots) off of Church Hill Rd on the property of Robert Greig is proposed.