Vassalboro Planning Board
August 5, 2008

  1. Open meeting
  2. Review minutes of July 1, 2008
  3. Ed Pineau
    Shoreland Zoning, Webber Pond
    Removal of Old Residence and Construction of New Residence
    Tax Map 16B, Lot 19&20

    A change of plans for Ed Pineau at 132 Arnold Rd. The current camp will be removed and a conforming structure built more than 100 feet from Webber Pond.

  4. Laurah Brown
    Shoreland Zoning Seven Mile Stream
    New Residence
    Tax Map 16A, Lot 28

    Laurah Brown is planning to build a new residence at the beginning of the Dam Rd adjacent to Seven Mile Stream.

  5. Rhona Suga
    Green House / Pick your Own Vegetable Business
    Minor Site Review
    Tax Map 10, Lot 29

    Rhona is applying for an after the fact permit for an agricultural business located at 88 Nelson Rd

  6. Cassie and Paul Lee
    Minor Subdivision
    McQuarrie Rd
    Tax Map 5, Lot 97A

    The Lee’s want to split up their parcel into two lots which creates a minor subdivision.