Town of Vassalboro Maine
Planning Board
August 03, 2010

_Sally Butler
_Paul Mitnik
_Doug Philips
_Lee Cummings
_George Gould

1. Open Meeting/Election of Board Chair

2. Review Minutes of July 13, 2010

3.Continuing Business

a. Tracey Mc Kenney
Shoreland Zoning Webber Pond
Driveway in Resource Protection Zone

b.Robert Greig
Major Subdivision Modification
Postpone until September meeting

c. Todd Overlock
Minor Site Review
Tax Map 23,Lot 85-1 (discussion)

d. Leon Cummings
Major Subdivision Fourteen Lots
Tax Map 1, Lot 177

e. Tom Bouchard
Major Site Review
Machine shop Business
Tax Map 4, lot 6 (discussion)

4. Bernard King Jr.
Resource Protection
Tax Map 14 Lot 9
Replace existing structure with seasonal residence.

5. Cyrita Collins
Minor Site Review
Commercial use of existing building
2283 Riverside Drive
Tax Map 3 Lot 93

a. Letter from DEP-Approval of Ordinance and Map
b. Letter from KVCOG (July 09, 2010)