April 5, 2011
Town Office Building
7:00 PM

Paul Mitnik ___
Ginny Brackett, Chair___ Sally Butler____ George Gould ___ Doug Phillips____Lee Cummings___

a. Call to Order______
b. Minutes of March 1, 2011____
c. Public Hearings (2)
1. Changes to Shoreland Zoning Map
Open____Close____ Comments___
2. Changes to Floodplain Management Ordinance__ Request of FEMA & State of Maine. Open___ Close____ Comments___.

3.Site Review:
Riverside MX
Michael Petito/Jake Shorey
100 Cushnoc Road
(Map001/ Lot 85 )

Todd Overlock
Automobile Repair Facility
960 Main Street
(Map 023/Lot 085-1

Two Hogs Winery
186 Mudgett Hill Rd
Ann Dube
Map 009/Lot 29C

4 Shoreland Zoning Permit Application
Sandy Point Road
Map 14/lot 15

5. Permit Fee Discussion

6. Other Business

7. Set Time Date of Next Meeting___________

8 Adjourn______