Town of Vassalboro Planning Board
Town Office Building
682 Main Street
Vassalboro Maine, 04962
7:00 P.M.

Ginny Brackett, Chair _______
Sally Butler _______
Marianne Hubert _______
Doug Phillips _______
George Gould _______
Leon Cummings _______


1. Minutes of previous meeting

2. Public Hearing
East Vassalboro Water Company request for
Changes to Ordinances to include Wellhead Protection Language to specific areas
Incl. Map Changes.

3. Leo Barnett- Continued from February Meeting.
Subdivision change Old Meadow Rd

4. Susan LaPlant
Map 03-Lot 16
Minor site review Food Processing Kitchen

5.Subdivision Ordinance Review/Continuing Business)

6. Discussion

7. Set Time/Date next meeting___________________

8. Adjourn________