November 2008 Election Results

November 4 2008 Vassalboro Election Results

The Town of Vassalboro showed their support on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 as 80% of the voters came to cast their ballots.

We would like to take this time to thank the following Election Clerks for all their hard work during the Election:

Esther Bernhardt
Patricia Sleamaker
Kathleen Casey
Donna Jacobs
Glenys Michaud
Margaret Hemphill
Marianne DePue
Myra Sinclair
Camille Denico
Mary Mornneau
Vicki Schad
and Warden, Molly Melrose

Also, a big thank you to Jim Schad, Registrar, for his countless hours in processing over 700 Absentee Ballots on top of all his other duties.

Number of Ballots Cast:  2386

Question 1:  People’s veto
Yes  1664
         No  719

Question 2:  Citizen Initiative
Yes  1225
         No  1158

Question 3:  Bond Issue
Yes  1025         No  1329

President and Vice President:
1059     McCain, John and Palin, Sarah - Republican
     9     McKinney, Cynthia and Clemente, Rosa – Green Independent
   29      Nader, Ralph and Gonzalez, Matt - Independent
1291     Obama, Barack and Biden, Joe - Democratic
Write in:
1           Barr, Bob

United States Senator
  791   Allen, Thomas H. - Democratic
1573   Collins, Susan M. - Republican
Write in:
   2  Hoffman, Herbert

Representative to Congress District 1
     Pingree, Chellie – Democratic
1099     Summers, Charles E. - Republican

State Senator District 24 
  700     Davis, Kimberly J. - Republican
1692     Mitchell, Elizabeth H. – Democratic

Representative to the Legislature District 58
     Browne, William P. - Republican
  816     Karush, Patricia L. - Democratic

County Commissioner District 1
     Daggett, Beverly C. - Democratic
  841     Nault, F. Gerard – Republican