Fire Department

North Station - Located on Rt. 32 (Main Street)


Riverside Station - Located on Rt. 201 (Riverside Drive)

The Vassalboro Fire Department is a totally volunteer department and the number of active firefighters has decreased from a high of 40 to the current 27.  The current Fire Chief is Walker Thompson; he can be reached at 649-1236.

How do I get a burn permit? 

Burn permits are only written when the fire danger is low.  For current Fire Danger rating information go to  The Town of Vassalboro is located in Weather Zone 3. Burn permits are available at no charge at the Town Office during regular business hours. Burn permits written at the Town Office are valid only from 5:00 p.m. into the evening hours on the day the permit is written, unless special permission is granted by the Fire Chief. Other Fire Department Members authorized to write permits are: Eric Rowe at 622-7811; Maurice Pare at 923-3790; Donald Breton at 873-7399 or Chief Walker Thompson at 649-1236.

Residents in the Town of Vassalboro can now obtain a burning permit for free online at Wardens Report follows all the state laws, for example if the fire danger is high, it will not allow you to obtain a permit. It also only allows residents to get a permit after 5pm on weekdays and after 9 am on weekends once the “class day” is determined through Maine Forest Service.