Vassalboro Energy Planning Committee
Monday, June 14, 2010
North Vassalboro Fire Station

7:00 P.M.

-Meeting Notes-

Members Present: Clough Toppan, Rick Denico, Tom Fullam, John Reuthe, Mike Vashon, David Jenney

Update on Efficiency Maine Trust Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant RFP (EECBG)

Mr. Toppan called the meeting to order. A review of the $10,000 award was made. The award has not been made in the form of a check to the Town, but Mr. Denico indicates that Efficiency Maine Trust has sent the check for processing and it should arrive in the near future.

Mr. Toppan explained that the $10K 1st round grant, RFA #200909521 is for a 1-3 year time period and does required a town match of $2,500 and this can be cash or in-kind contributions. Mr. Toppan will ask Holly for the meeting dates and who was present so a calculation can be made for an in-kind amount. Mr. Toppan will also ask Mike Barden at Efficiency Maine Trust when the Town’s match is due.

Rick Denico is arranging for an engineer from Summit Engineering and to install a data logger that the Town will rent for $400 a month. Once installed, a local electrician will be contracted to record any data.

Efficiency Maine Trust 2nd Round of Funding

Mary Sabins sent Mr. Toppan an email notifying the Town of a Request for Application for a second round of grant awards. Towns that previously received grants were to be given preference. The application deadline is June 24th. A Town match/in-kind of 10% is required.

David Jenney had submitted an outline of ideas that were discussed. A review of all possible areas for submission were discussed and summarized below:

Town garage:

Riverside Fire Station

North Vassalboro Fire Station

Town Library

Town Office

Set Date for Next Meeting

Clough Toppan