December 2009 Election Results

Tuesday December 15th - Election Results

DECEMBER 15, 2009

The Special Town Meeting was called to order by the Deputy Town Clerk, James Schad at 7:50 am on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at the Town Office.

Present: Glenys Michaud, Margaret Hemphill, Molly Melrose, James Schad, Catherine St. Pierre, Patricia Sleamaker and Kathleen Casey.

Mr. Schad began by reading the Town Warrant and Return of Warrant.

Article 1: Glenys Michaud made a motion to elect Molly Melrose as Moderator to preside at the meeting, seconded by Margaret Hemphill. Margaret Hemphill moved to cease nominations, seconded by Glenys Michaud. All in favor. Paper ballots were cast electing Molly Melrose unanimously. Mr. Schad declared her elected and Molly was sworn in.

Article 2: Molly Melrose read article 2 to the public.

Do you favor approving amendments to the Reorganization Plan and the Interlocal Agreement of Kennebec Valley Consolidated Schools AOS, which have been approved by the Vassalboro School Committee and the AOS School Board, and which have the effect of transferring special education and transportation responsibilities back to the municipal schools of the AOS, while continuing shared administration of those responsibilities by the AOS central office?

Polls were closed at 8:00 pm

Total Voters 165

Final Tally Results:

Yes 161

No 14