Minutes to the Sept. 8 VCC meeting. 2009

Vassalboro Conservation Commission
7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, Mary Ellen Johnston, David Jenney, Holly Weidner,
Steve Jones.

1.Boat launch site on Seven Mile Stream- Still need a P.E. to look at the site and develop a plan. Also, DEP will have to visit the site. Paul will contact her, letting members know the date in case they can join them. Dave will attend Selectmen's meeting on Sept. 9.

2. Discussion about the VCC being authorized to accept money ( donations) for the funding of an easement purchase. The ordinance will need to be amended, at next year's town meeting, most likely.

3. We discussed Vassalboro Days, which will be on Sept. 18, 19. We will try to have a table there, with some VCC members to answer questions and discuss projects with citizens (like the Rancourt Farmland project). Amanda Brackett, a high school student at Erskine, may also be available to help at this event.

4. Membership in the Maine Association of Conservation Commission can happen now that the money is in the town budget. Mary Ellen will take care of this.

5. Suggestion that we renew discussions with the Planning Board about Open Space language in the Sub-division ordinance.

6. The next meeting will be on Oct. 13th.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair