Meeting Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes of October 18, 2012 Meeting
Present: Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik, David Jenney, Holly Weidner

The meeting began at 7:00. A discussion ensued about Town acquired properties. These properties are typically sold on the market. The consensus was that the Conservation Commission should be used to inform the Select Board of the conservation values of such properties. David agreed to send an email to Town Manager, Mary Sabins, regarding this issue. We are hoping that the Select Board will consider our recommendations on whether to retain certain portions or all of acquired properties with high conservation value.

Paul briefly discussed the status of the Kennebec River carry-in boat launch project. He is meeting with DEP at the site to determine the necessary permitting and discuss any issues that DEP may identify. His goal is to obtain cost estimates for the project and undertake and obtain all necessary permitting.

Mary Ellen mentioned the need to update the Town’s Forest Management Plan for the Town forest off the Bog Rd. She mentioned the possibility of hiring the same person who last did the plan. We could apply for a project canopy grant for updating the Forest Management Plan.

Holly mentioned that she had someone in mind who could give an invasive plant lecture. We discussed the possibility of scheduling this sometime in the Spring of 2013. We also proposed possibly applying for a grant to replace trees that may have to be removed should the grant for sidewalks in East Vassalboro become a reality. It was mentioned that we need to keep plugging away at the open space inventory.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Respectively submitted
Paul Mitnik, Secretary