VCC meeting. Oct. 12, 2010- Minutes

7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, David Jenney, Mary Ellen Johnston, Steve Jones, Holly Weidner, Don Robbins, Ginny Brackett, Leon Cummings, Doug Phillips, Sally Butler, George Gould. Guest: Fred Snow, Planner with KVCOG.

This was a joint meeting of the Planning Board and the Vassalboro Conservation Commission. We invited Fred Snow from KVCOG to give a presentation on Quality of Place: Open Space and Low Impact Development.

KVCOG had recently completed work on a new Open Space Plan, which is an approach that towns can use to protect the things they value in their communities, such as scenic views, rich farmland, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, and other high value natural areas that make their community special. Fred led us through a slide presentation that explained how to use the planning tools, such as Comprehensive Plans, Open Space Subdivision Ordinances, Historic Protection Districts, Sign Ordinances, Low Impact Development Ordinances, and Walking/Biking Recreation Plans.

The Low Impact Development Ordinance is a tool that works in conjunction with Shoreland Zoning Ordinances. It addresses nonpoint source pollution, which is the number one threat to water quality nationwide. Pollution is carried into our lakes and rivers from stormwater runoff in places where impervious surfaces have been created. The LID techniques seek to minimize this in new developments by designing the layout of developments to allow nature to do its thing, avoiding water pollution and increasing the property values. Vassalboro needs to consider the benefits of LID wherever water is found.

The next VCC meeting will be on Nov. 15, at 7PM. All are welcome.

Mary Ellen Johnston
VCC Chair