Meeting Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes of November 15, 2012 Meeting
Present: Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik, David Jenney, Holly Weidner, Steve Jones

The meeting began at 7:00. A discussion ensued about Town acquired properties which was previously mentioned at the last meeting. These properties are typically sold on the market. The consensus was that the Conservation Commission should be used to inform the Select Board of the conservation values of such properties. We thought that we should develop a check list for evaluating the properties. We could use the beginning with habitat maps as one source to evaluate the properties. Another possibility may be still selling the properties but having deed restrictions on the properties.

Paul discussed the Kennebec carry-in boat launch project. He met with DEP at the site. A NRPA Permit by Rule is needed for the trail entrance to Seven Mile Stream. A Tier I NRPA permit is needed for the trail crossing the wetland. He is contacting a contractor that he knows to provide an estimate for constructing the trail. It is likely that steps will have to be constructed adjacent to Seven Mile Stream due to the very steep bank. Wooden steps may float away during high water so concrete or granite is being considered.

Dave discussed a couple of ideas to help fund our group. One was that private roads that are accepted for town roads could be assessed a fee that would be used for conservation. Another was the possibility of using money gained from timber harvests on town land to be used for conservation. Impact fees were also mentioned for new town acquired roads or subdivisions. Paul was going to research the legality of using impact fees in a town that has no approved comprehensive plan.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Respectively submitted
Paul Mitnik, Secretary