VCC meeting. Nov. 15, 2010- Minutes

7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, David Jenney, Mary Ellen Johnston, Steve Jones, Holly Weidner, Don Robbins, and Bob Shafto, guest from the Maine Association of Conservation Commissions.

We invited Bob Shafto to join us and talk about the activities of the MEACC and what other conservation commission were doing. We have been evaluating our strategy, and giving some thought to beginning a strategic planning process. He gave us some helpful insights and advice:

Plan for the future: what infrastructure does Vassalboro need?
Should Open Space be part of the strategy?
Survey the community for what their priorities are.
Educate community
Advocate for what is needed
Do things that work: continue management of town forest,
deal with invasive species, build up a conservation corps.
Visit other towns and attend MEACC meetings
Develop inventory of "open spaces"

The next VCC meeting will be on Jan. 11, at 7PM. All are welcome.

Mary Ellen Johnston
VCC Chair