Vassalboro Conservation Commission
November 13, 2007

Commission meeting was held at the firehouse at 7:00 pm.

Present were Holly Weidner, , David Jenney, Chad Arms, Mary Ellen Johnston, Don Robbins, Absent were Steve Jones, Laughlin Titus, Paul Mitnik.

The meeting was devoted to discussing the ideas and suggestions put forward by the guest speakers from the October meeting when our guests were Theresa Kitchner and Jerry Bley.

Among the ideas discussed were those things that could be done in the short term.

– Start and maintain an advisory relationship with Planning Board. Co-sponsor programs of mutual interest involving conservation and preservation. Educate folks on the board and within the town.

- Begin to gather data, develop and distribute educational materials, make presentations to planning board and the public about Vassalboro’s natural resources and best opportunities to protect them.

– Identify soil types using Soil Conservation Maps as GIS overlays onto tax maps.

- Get a story written for the TownLine and other local papers to encourage people to get involved.

The members agreed to not meet in December due to the holidays. The next meeting will be January 8th. The focus of the next meeting will be to begin to look at the natural resources maps of Vassalboro and to identify high priority areas for conservation. If possible, invite someone from the Soil and Water District to help us.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Ellen Johnston
VCC Chair