Vassalboro Conservation Commission May 12, 2022 at the Vassalboro Friends Meetinghouse and Z00M

Present: Holly Weidner (chair), Steve Jones, David Jenney, Paul Mitnik, Guest Amy Davidoff for discussion on Solid waste committee .
Absent: Peggy Horner ( out of town)

1) Recycling /solid waste committee proposal update : Amy and Peggy presented the proposal for a committee to the select board. The board is interested but would like to have a mission statement written and to include that the committee reports to the Select Board and is purely advisory. There are about 4-5 people interested in joining the committee and she needs at least 2 more . Suggestions were made about recruiting members and to look at diverse perspectives.
Action: Amy will write up a draft mission statement and meet with the select board at their May 26 meeting. After they approve the committee , the VCC can help her to publicize the committee for potential members.

2) Eagle Park update: the budget committee and select board are recommending $20k to create a park with parking lot , walkway to the stream and picnic tables and potentially a landing by the stream for fishing or birdwatching as recommended by the VCC at a select board meeting this winter.
Action: Paul will file the permit for a change of use entrance/parking lot and then we will work with Mary , town manager to see if we can proceed with a parking lot using present town resources and staff. The Town has $20k in the warrant to approve at the town meeting.

3) Trout pond (Paul) : there was a discussion about the town’s responsibility for re-vegetation. 2 landowners whose properties were involved in vegetation being removed/cut had concerns.
Action: Paul will check with adjacent landowners and take a closer look at the properties as well as check what the original permit said was the town’s responsibility.

4) Recent report of bass fish die –off on Webber Pond.
Action: Holly will check with Webber Pond Association and state to gather more info on situation.

5) PFA’s : there was a mention in the town line that the select board wanted the VCC to get more information about whether there was sludge spread or just permits. Peggy who was at the select board meeting, reported that they would revisit this question in fall with new board.

6) Maine Community Resiliency project: on hold until Peggy returns in June.

7) Trail committee update : Spectacle pond update : Paul reported on their progress and the state has approved a trail . The committee has put any talk about a Kennebec river /7 mile stream canoe access and they are setting up work sessions for other trails this summer .

8) New member proposals were reviewed. Holly will check with potential members.

Respectfully submitted, Holly Weidner