Vassalboro Conservation Commission Meeting
May 12, 2016, 7pm
Attendees: Betsy Poulin: Chair/Secretary, Holly Weidner, David Jenney, Steve Jones, Mary-Ellen Johnston
Absent: None


1. Erskine Day of Caring
2. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
3. Shoreland Zoning Updates
4. Town Forest Trails
5. Alewives/Outlet Stream
6. Next Meeting Date

Meeting Proceedings:

  1. Erskine Day of Caring
    1. Scheduled for a smaller group in the fall
  2. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
    1. Grange meeting held on March 31st
    2. Town might be able to do the bridge over the outlet stream – like the one in South China
    3. Sidewalk on the same side as the Library and Country Store could be a possibility
    4. On Route 32, from the Town Landing staying on the same side of the road, past the grange, then crossing to the Historical Society’s buildings. Consider connection from there into the Town Forest.
    5. The Sidewalk/Safety Project is not on the Town Warrant, need to get more information from MDOT to move forward.
    6. When are the project milestone meetings with the Town?
    7. Will Conway at Sebago Technics did concept plans
    8. Maybe MDOT has Right-of-Way plans?
  3. Shoreland Zoning Updates
    1. The Planning Board is meeting on 3rd Tuesdays each month for a workshop to focus on updating the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. If regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month have no agenda items, or a short agenda, the Board works on the Ordinance revisions.
  4. Town Forest Trails
    1. Money in the budget can go toward Trail Signage and new boardwalks
  5. Alewife Restoration Initiative
    1. Meeting Thursday May 26th at 6pm at the East Vassalboro Grange
  6. July 21, 2016 Next Meeting