Meeting Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes of May 17, 2012 Meeting
Present: Mary Ellen Johnston, Holly Weidner, Paul Mitnik

The meeting began at 7:00. Paul discussed the boat carry-in trail for the Kennebec River.
He called Coffin Engineering and asked for help for the field work necessary to develop the site plan for the handicap accessible carry-in boat launch. Coffin Engineering agreed to donate their services for this. Paul will meet with them this coming Monday at the site of the boat launch.

Paul discussed the Seaward Mills trail which is in its beginning stages on the land recently acquired by the Kennebec Land Trust. Paul indicated that there is a need to clean up a couple of old farm dumps on this land. This may be a good community service project for Boy Scouts or high school students. We discussed adding this trail to the list of trails available in Vassalboro and possibly adding a brochure for this similar to the other trails in Vassalboro.

We discussed the possibility of developing a community bulletin board via email involving community groups. There would be one contact person for each group. This would be a good way for each group to communicate and advertise events.

Mary Ellen shared some of the open space statistics that she obtained from the Beginning with Habitat people. We discussed getting ones for shoreland zones and water habitat and farming and tree growth open space from the Tax Assessor, Ellery Baines. Paul agreed to contact Ellery for this.

Holly discussed the grant for the sidewalk project in East Vassalboro. A letter of intent for the grant was submitted to DOT with Mary Sabins signature. We will not know until the spring of 2013 whether or not the grant will be accepted.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Respectively submitted
Paul Mitnik, Secretary