Vassalboro Conservation Commission Meeting
March 17, 2016, 7pm
Attendees: Betsy Poulin: Chair/Secretary, Holly Weidner, David Jenney, Steve Jones
Absent: Mary-Ellen Johnston

  1. Sidewalk/Safety Project - Route 32
  2. Town Forest Trails
  3. Shoreland Zoning Updates
  4. Next Meeting Date

Meeting Proceedings:

  1. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
    1. The Conservation Commission supports this project!
    2. Meeting with MDOT, Town Officials and Interested Parties at end of the month.
    3. Holly met with the selectman and they agreed we should resubmit for the project.
    4. Dan Stewart, former MDOT Bike/Ped Coordinator has been replaced by Patrick Adams.
    5. 8 years of work has gone into this project.
    6. 2007 – Conservation Commission and the Trail Committee were formed
    7. 2007 – Met with Dan Stewart at MDOT about the project with 30 folks from the town.
    8. 2007 – MDOT Grant
    9. 2010 – Meetings were initiated to create engineered plans with help from KVCOG.
    10. 2011 – Applied for MDOT Grant
    11. 2012 – Design concept sketches created in July by Sebago Technics, Will Conway, 207-200-2100.
    12. Money will come out of surplus. The Budget Committee did not have anything negative to say about the project. They asked questions to Holly and feel the project could get approval.
    13. The vote will be on the Town Warrant.
    14. 2017/2018 Route 32 will be reconstructed. Want the sidewalks to be completed at the same time to save on construction costs and disruption.
  2. Shoreland Zoning Updates
    1. The Planning Board is meeting on 3rd Tuesdays each month for a workshop to focus on updating the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. If regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month have no agenda items, or a short agenda, the Board works on the Ordinance revisions.
  3. Town Forest Trails
    1. Erskine Day of Caring – They could help with Blazing the Trails.
    2. Get Marking Paint and Brushes
    3. Pruners/Loppers?
    4. Add signage to trailheads to note entrances. The Commission likes the trail signage, do a white background with green letters.
    5. Consider interpretive signage on the trails
    6. Wetlands
    7. Successional Growth
    8. Narrow Gauge
  4. May 12, 2016 Next Meeting
  5. Adjourn 9:00pm