VCC meeting. March. 9, 2010 Minutes
Vassalboro Conservation Commission
7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, David Jenney, Steve Jones, Holly Weidner, and guest, Chip Laite of Sargent Corporation
Absent: Mary Ellen Johnston
Paul acted as chair in Mary Ellen's absence. David took notes.

Chip Laite manages the Sargent gravel pit that is near the Seven Mile Stream boat launch site. We gave him some background information on what we have done and what we plan to do. Chip was enthusiastic about the project and is possibly willing to supply gravel to help make road improvments. He made us aware of some things: Sometimes people have camp fires
Sometimes people illegally dump their trash
He also recommended that we talk with Gene Green of the adjacent gravel pit as he may have earth moving equipment that he might be willing to use to build the boat launch.
Holly suggested that we contact representative Browne and ask him to sponsor a bill that would improve recycling and reduce illegal dumping. Perhaps some type of financial incentive to return things that now are fee based when brought to the transfer station. Holly will look into the wording for this idea.

Paul then discussed the public hearing that took place at the Planning Board related to the new resource protection maps. Paul reported that there was some misunderstanding related to how much land would actually be impacted (not allowed to have structures on it) because of being placed in resource protection. He also mentioned that trails should not be impacted by this change to resource protection, but that this might need to be addressed in the ordinance.

Paul also provided us some information on land that Laurah Brown is considering donating to the town for conservation. This is land on Dam Road on Seven Mile Stream near Webber Pond. Paul will arrange getting people together to take a look at this land on Saturday March 13th.

Holly provided us with an update on a new group of horseback riders that has recently been formed to promote horseback riding trails in Vassalboro. The group is called Equine and is open to new members.

Holly gave us an update on the Farmers Market and the possibility of a buyers club being formed to take advantage of the products that Crown of Maine provides. Crown of Maine recently moved into the old bean factory in North Vassalboro.
The next VCC meeting will be on April 13th, at 7PM. All are welcome.

David Jenney