Minutes to the June 16 VCC meeting.

Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Met at 7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, Mary Ellen Johnston, David Jenney, Holly Weidner, Sue Briggs, Steve Hallee
Guest, Jim Hart, CLRA

1. Report on the Project Canopy Grant.
Steve and Mary Ellen submitted the application on April 10th in Augusta. We did not have sufficient match in the first year for the required 50%. We will need to re-submit next year and try to raise this money.

2. Jim Hart is the new President of the CRLA. He explained all the things they are doing ( buffers on the lakefront properties) and how they coordinate with Vassalboro. The CRLA is working with the KCS&WD office, Josh Platt and John Blaise, to work on the buffer strip projects. Jim has met with Mary Sabins and they have asked KVCOG to help the town develop an ordinance for Low Impact Development. VCC can help by educating the citizens about the importance of protecting the ground water and the environment when development occurs. This is an issue that VCC has an interest in.
Jim invited us to attend any of the CLRA meetings. We discussed using the web site to advertise and explain to the people of Vassalboro how the CLRA helps us, and encourage folks to get involved.

3. Dave and Paul reported on the progress with the boat launch site on Seven Mile Stream. They did a site visit with Josh Platt and will continue to work on the things Josh has outlined for them to do.

4. Mary Ellen developed a simple poster to place at the Farmers Market so people can see it and read about the Rancourt Farm project. We need folks to be available to answer questions too. There should be a handout, but we don't have one yet, or the money to print it.

5. The next meeting will be on July 14.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair