Vassalboro Conservation Commission Meeting
June 14, 2018 at 7pm at the Vassalboro Town Hall
Attendees: Betsy Poulin (Chair/Secretary), David Jenney, Steve Jones, Chris French, Laura Jones, Holly Weidner
Absent: Dylan Dillaway


  1. Meeting Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Properties in Town Map
  4. Town Forest Trail Work
  5. Forest Management Plan
  6. Kennebec River Kayak Trip
  7. Civil War Monument Park
  8. Alewives/Outlet Stream Update

Meeting Proceedings:

  1. Meeting Minutes
    1. Members voted to approve minutes from April meeting
  2. Announcements
    1. Maine Farmlands LLC Auction in July
  3. Properties in Town Map
    1. Betsy shows commission map she made of town, land trust and other properties of interest
  4. Town Forest Trail Work
    1. $300 budget to go to more bog bridging from Tukey’s Lumber in Belgrade
    2. Installation in October?
    3. Laura & Steve can do cleanup
    4. Consider having stewards
    5. Laura created a Yelp for the Town Forest
  5. Kennebec River Kayak Trip
    1. Starts at Mill Road
    2. Landing project through Kennebec Rivers Initiative
    3. Check with Gene about road maintenance - David
    4. August/September trip?
  6. Forest Management Plan
    1. Morton Moesswilde - Forest Ranger - invite to August meeting to discuss forest management plan
    2. Patty Cormier - Franklin County Forest Ranger - Discuss open space with her
  7. Civil War Monument Park
    1. Greg Seaman wants to donate a bench
    2. Fieldstone Gardens wants to donate trees to the park
    3. Maine Adirondack Chair could donate chairs?
    4. Add signage at the historical society or town landing
    5. 2019 road widening will happen on Route 32
    6. Fix monument?
  8. Alewives/Outlet Stream Project
    1. Lombard Dam will be removed late summer
    2. Perennials need to be watered - YCC/CRLA Boat Check could water them
    3. Perennials for Masse waterway plantings
    4. Could public access work at the Masse Dam? Matt Streeter could help with an easement

August 9th at 7pm is the next meeting.