Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes: July 15, 2008

Members present:
David Jenney, Steve Jones, Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik, Holly Weidner

7:00 PM, town office

Agenda items discussed:

1. Vassalboro Forestry Plan, follow up.
Since our previous meeting with Forester Vite Vitale , the consultant who prepared the Forest Management Plan for the town in 2003, we have not met to discuss the recommendations. We all agreed that the plan includes some excellent recommendations for the town and we should encourage the Selectmen and townspeople that it is in our best interest to proceed with some actions regarding the 49- acre property that consists of wooded land as well as open land. VCC member, David Jenney, has volunteered to lead the effort to help town officials and the community to become better acquainted with the plan and its recommendations. Among the goals of the plan is to manage the property on a multiple use basis, including timber production, wildlife habitat management, recreational needs of the community, and protection of its water resources.

2. Potential boat launch site:
We continued discussion on the possible locations for such a launch site, with a clear understanding that Guilford Rail Co. has the right-of-way /access to river along the entire stretch of the Kennebec in Vassalboro. Landowner approval would be a key step, and permission from Guilford would be another hurdle. Several sites will be looked at by committee member along with the KRI staff.

3. The Planning Board has asked to meet with our VCC to discuss common issues and goals. We will arrange a meeting in Sept. or Oct. to discuss the development of an Open Space Plan for the town of Vassalboro.

The next meeting of the VCC will be held on August 12 at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair