Vassalboro Conservation Commission Meeting
July 21, 2016, 7pm
Attendees: Betsy Poulin: Chair/Secretary, Holly Weidner, David Jenney, Steve Jones
Absent: Dylan Dillaway


1. Town Forest Trails
2. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
3. Alewives/Outlet Stream
4. Shoreland Zoning Updates
5. Next Meeting Date

Meeting Proceedings:

  1. Town Forest Trails
    1. In October Erskine Students can help with the trails. (Need date confirmation!)
    2. Trail signs installed at the entrance to the recreational fields on the building and at each of the trailheads
    3. Hemlock planks purchased from Dimension Lumber in Livermore Falls. Need to go pickup the materials.
    4. Check with Tukeys Sawmill in Belgrade (465-3570) to see if they make the same planks for future bog bridging.
  2. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
    1. A meeting was held June 22nd with various town and MDOT officials and interested citizens, including Holly Weidner representing the Conservation Commission.
    2. MDOT needs to know what the town is contributing in August to put the money into their budgeting for December
    3. Early 2017 surveying and planning will start. The project will be completed in 2018 after the sewer work is done in North Vassalboro.
    4. The current project is to go from the Clark Road in China to Winslow. The project would include 5 foot shoulders on both sides of the road everywhere, unless the Town is going to contribute money to help with alternative designs (ie: curbed sidewalk, parking spaces, street trees, etc)
    5. The plan discussed with Patrick Adams from MDOT back in May included sidewalk from the boat landing on the same side of the road extending past the Grange and crossing the road to the historical society buildings where there is a good sight distance.
    6. Betsy discussed with Jan Clowes, Vassalboro Historical Society, to have a connection through their buildings/property out to the Town Forest. Jan was receptive to the plan.
    7. The Commission viewed some maps and aerial photos to see that a loop trail connection could easily go from the Historical Society buildings through the Library property. A connection to the Town Forest Trails would require an easement(?) from landowners. Consider discussions with these landowners.
  3. Alewives/Outlet Stream
    1. A meeting was held at the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) on July 12th which was attended by Betsy, Holly, Steve and David from the Conservation Commission, Mary Sabins and Dick Dolby and multiple residents of East Vassalboro
    2. The DMR’s goal is to get alewives into China Lake, however that may happen. They were going to be the applicant for removal of the Masse Dam, but will hold off on that action due to resident concerns. Another entity has the ability to apply for a permit, and this could happen.
    3. Josh Platt, applied for a Maine DEP Permit by Rule permit for removal of the dam. Betsy confirmed that the application was submitted. The 14 day timeframe for review/approval does not start until the application is processed.
    4. The water level in the mill pond/stream will be lowered as the dam boards are removed for contractors to get a better view of the dam for their removal bids.
  4. Shoreland Zoning Updates
    1. The Planning Board is meeting on 3rd Tuesdays each month for a workshop to focus on updating the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. If regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month have no agenda items, or a short agenda, the Board works on the Ordinance revisions.
    2. The new ordinance will be up for vote at the election in the fall.
  5. Next Meeting:
    1. September 29, 2016 Next Meeting