Minutes to the July 20 VCC meeting.

Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Met at 7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, Mary Ellen Johnston, David Jenney, Steve Jones
1. Follow up on the CRLA: We will work with them to get some publicity for the program, lots of good things happening, and we can post it on the town web site. Mary Ellen will contact Jim Hart about this.

3. Dave received a map from Josh Platt for the boat launch site on Seven Mile Stream. This is helpful and will be the topic of a meeting with Josh, hopefully at the next VCC meeting (Aug).

4. Mary Ellen discussed the poster that was placed at the Farmers Market so people can read about the Rancourt Farm project and ask questions. We still need folks to volunteer to be there on Fridays to answer questions. Discussed Vassalboro Days in Sept. and having some place to display our poster and begin outreach. Someone will contact the people who are in charge of this event.

5. The next meeting will be on Aug. 11

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair