Vassalboro Conservation Commission Meeting
January 21, 2016, 7pm
Attendees: Betsy Poulin: Chair/Secretary, Holly Weidner, David Jenney, Mary-Ellen Johnston
Absent: Steve Jones

1. Shoreland Zoning Updates
2. 2016 Goals
3. Sidewalk/Safety Project - Route 32
4. Signage
5. Town Forest Trails
6. Membership Dues
7. Annual Report

Meeting Proceedings:

  1. Shoreland Zoning Updates
    1. The Planning Board is meeting on 3rd Tuesdays each month for a workshop to focus on updating the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. If regular meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month have no agenda items, or a short agenda, the Board works on the Ordinance revisions.
    2. Paul Mitnik was involved with Shoreland Zoning Mapping, he would have information about the data behind the map. Compare the maps with the Beginning with Habitat Mapping.
  2. 2016 Goals
    1. June Trail Day – Trail Work
    2. Vassalboro Days Event
    3. Signage for Trails
    4. Sidewalk Project
    5. Collaborate with Planning Board for Shoreland Zoning revisions
  3. Sidewalk/Safety Project – Route 32
    1. Holly is leading the efforts to revive the town sidewalk/safety projects, particularly in East Vassalboro.
    2. The Conservation Commission supports this project!
  4. Signage
    1. $300 for signage is available in 2015/2016 budget and an additional $300 is requested for 2016/2017,
    2. Three signs are proposed for Vassalboro Town Forest, at each trailhead.
    3. Consider signage for 7 Mile Stream/Kennebec River Trail
  5. Town Forest Trails
    1. Co-Stewards could be Suzy and Lori
    2. The next Eagle Scout could create a Nature Trail Guide for the property
    3. #1 Sign – Successional Growth
    4. #2 Sign – Tree Types
    5. Etc.
    6. Is there maintenance equipment available from the Snowmobile Club? Potentially money from the town was used to purchase trail maintenance equipment.
    7. Mary-Ellen will talk with Mary Sabins about adding trail mowing to the town bids.
  6. Membership Dues
    1. The Maine Conservation Commission Association did not return calls, and does not appear to be actively functioning. The $165 dues typically sent will not occur this
  7. Annual Report – Due before the end of February