Meeting Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes of January 10, 2013 Meeting
Present: Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik, David Jenney

The meeting began at 7:00. A discussion ensued about recommending to the Planning Board that an open space requirement be put into the Subdivision Ordinance. The Planning Board is current seeking an RFP for amending and updating the subdivision. We decided to ask the Planning Board chair, Ginny Brackett, to attend the next meeting. Paul will draft language for the open space end of the ordinance for Board consideration.

Paul discussed the Kennebec carry-in boat launch progress. He was unable to get a firm estimate from contractors for constructing the project. This will have to wait until next year before it is put on as a warrant item requesting funding to construct the facility.

Mary Ellen presented a draft of the write up to be put in the Town’s annual report. Everything looked ok, as usual.

We talked about the concept of a community garden on Town land. The front lawn of the Town office was suggested as a possibility. We decided to ask the Town Selectmen to see if they support such a project.

The next meeting will be on February 14. Paul will contact Ginny Brackett to see if she could attend the meeting.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Respectively submitted
Paul Mitnik, Secretary