Vassalboro Conservation Commission Minutes February 10th, 2022 via Zoom
Present: Peggy Horner, David Jenney, Paul Mitnik, Holly Weidner (chair)
Absent: Steve Jones

Old Business:

1) Approve minutes from January 2022.

2) China Regional Lake Alliance: A preliminary presentation by VCC to the Select Board on the 4 proposed programs was made. Webber Pond Association (WPA) president, J Reuthe, made a recommendation of a person from the WPA to be a volunteer evaluator for the Lake Smart programs who expressed a willingness to serve. Paul Mitnik has also volunteered to work as evaluator in these programs. Noted: As per the Vassalboro Strategic Plan 2008, the VCC is to work with the CRLA and representatives of the WPA to improve and control lake water quality.

Action: Approved letter to select board and budget committee [see attached]; VCC to present plan to select board and to budget committee (Holly). Check with the WPA person to confirm interest and connect them with CRLA. (Holly)

3) Update on PFAS sludge spreading in Vassalboro. Paul reviewed some of the new information from the DEP and reached out to the PFAS contact at DEP, Tracy Kelly. Vassalboro has 4 sites that had sludge permits from 1970-1990. Although there is no current public documentation, Kelly believes that these sites did proceed with spreading of sludge. The DEP will most likely not get to test these sites for PFAS for 2 years due to other sites having higher priority. Owners have the option to test their property through private testing (at a cost of over $250/test). It is unclear what the responsibility is of the town to notify abutters or other possibly affected people.

Action: VCC will present the information to town manager and select board (with an update on current lots and current owners). The VCC will wait for further direction from them as to if and how to proceed.

4) Eagle Park: Paul met with Mary and she approved him to write up the Permit by Rule to have town submit. Mary said via email that the town will cover the cost of the permit (VCC had offered to cover under their budget.)

Action: Paul to check to see if need permit for building from the Planning Board.

5) Proposed Solar ordinance committee: is there any update from Select Board? So far no action from the Select Board.

New business:

1) Municipal Review Committee (MRC) /recycling: VCC members were concerned that our recycling rates are going down over the past 6 years since the town has gone to no- sort trash and the Hampden facility has not re-opened.

Action: VCC recommends to select board that a town committee be formed to look at recycling/waste removal issues. The goal of the committee would be to advise the select board about options related to solid waste and recycling in relation to costs, recycling rates and environmental impact.
Action: If the select board approves the creation of the committee, VCC would help the select board find people to serve on the committee. (Holly to meet with Mary to discuss)

2) Maine Municipal Association seminar on Brown tail Moth, Emerald Ash borer and vernal pool regulations: Actioin: David hopes to attend.

3) Next VCC meeting will be the 10th of March second Thursday at 6:30.

Respectfully submitted, Holly Weidner (chair)