Minutes to February 10th
VCC meeting


Project Canopy Grant Application:

David Jenney and Mary Sabins attended the mandatory workshop on Feb 6, for towns wanting to apply. They brought back to share with us all the material and resources explaining the grant process.

Steve Jones remembers doing this grant 10 years ago. He put the application together then, would be willing to work on it again. Mary Ellen Johnston volunteered to work with him. Dave Jenny could be a back up, answer questions.

Discussion: Which grant category? Seems most appropriate to do Tree Planting again. Many more places in town need trees. Town Office property, along drive way, and several other locations were mentioned. Need to get map showing town rights of way, develop a plan and figure out the budget.

Had further discussion of the Town Forest and potential trail work in the spring.

Paul Mitnik offered to go through the Sub Division Ordinance to highlight sections of interest to us so we could work on it. We will plan to do this in March.

March Meeting scheduled for the 17th.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston