Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes:August 12, 2008

Members present:
David Jenney, Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik
7:00 PM, town office

Agenda items discussed:

1. Vassalboro Forestry Plan, and the attendance of committee members at next Selectmens meeting.
Since the plan includes some excellent recommendations for the town , we felt that this was a good time to get some feedback from the Selectmen. VCC members, David Jenney along with CEO Paul Mitnik, would attend the next meeting and review the town officials and the community to become acquainted with the plan and its recommendations. Among the goals of the plan is to manage the property on a multiple use basis, including timber production, wildlife habitat management, recreational needs of the community, and protection of its water resources.

2. Potential boat launch site:
We had a discussion about some locations for a launch site, including the Seven Mile Stream access point which Paul had visited and the McLennan property that Chad Arms was going to be visiting. Other sites will be walked in Sept. so we will continue to review their potential.
3.We agreed that a meeting with Ginny Brackett was a good idea, to find out more about the Planning Board’s desire for an Open Space component to a revised Site Development Ordinance. We will try to set that up for Sept.
4.David announce that the web site is being worked on and up-dated by himself , with guidance from new Town Manager Mary Sabins. We will have all our meeting notes and other information posted regularly to this site.

The next meeting of the VCC will be held on Sept. 9 at 7PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair