Meeting Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Minutes of April 11, 2013 Meeting
Present: Mary Ellen Johnston, Paul Mitnik, Holly Weidner

The meeting began at 7:00. The issue of community gardens was briefly discussed. The land that the Town office is on has poor soils and is unsuitable for the gardens. Ray Breton may be willing to allow gardens on the mill property in North Vassalboro.

The revisions to the Subdivision Ordinance were again discussed. We are hoping to get an open space provision added as a requirement for major subdivisions.

We discussed the issue of be notified of subdivision applications. The Conservation Commission could be advisors to the Planning Board for conservation issues such as open space or phosphorus treatment issues in lake watersheds. Holly was going to follow up and ask Mary Sabins to ask the Selectmen if the Code Officer could notify the Conservation Commission when a subdivision application is received. The CC could provided written comments to the Planning Board on subdivisions with conservation issues.

The annual boat ride down the Kennebec River was discussed and the dates of August 24 with the 25 as a rain date were chosen.

The meeting ended at 8:30.

Respectively submitted
Paul Mitnik, Secretary