Minutes to the April 14 VCC meeting.

Vassalboro Conservation Commission
Met at 7:00 pm, Present: Paul Mitnik, Mary Ellen Johnston
Guest, Peter Wilkins, CLRA

1. Report on the application for Project Canopy Grant.
Steve and Mary Ellen submitted the application on April 10th in Augusta. We should hear in mid-May if we will be getting any money.

2. Peter Wilkins was invited to attend and talk about the CLRA program. It was very helpful to have him explain all the things they do and how they would coordinate with Vassalboro if we wanted to work on removing invasive species from our lakes.
The conservation corps of about 8 students will be available to help us when we find a site that needs attention. Peter invited us to attend any of the CLRA meetings as well. We discussed using the web site to advertise and explain to the people of Vassalboro how the CLRA helps us, and encourage folks to get involved.

3. Paul reported on the progress with the boat launch site on Seven Mile Stream. He has secured permission from two landowners to use their rights of way. A site visit with Josh Platt is the next step, to discuss feasibility and grant money.

4. The next meeting will be on May 12, unless we get bumped by the Budget Committee or Selectmen. Stay tuned!

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Johnston, Chair
Below is a blurb about the Project Learning Tree Program. Dave, please post this information to the town web site under, Educational Resources. We can add to this section as we find good sites and information. Thank you!

"Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an award winning international environmental education program. It uses the forest as a "window on the world" to increase students' understanding of our complex environment. PLT teaches not only about trees, but has informative lessons about land, the air, and the water. These lessons help to instill the confidence and commitment to take responsible action on behalf of the environment.
Pat Maloney, PLT State Coordinator?153 Hospital St., Augusta, ME 04330?207-626-7990, meplt@gwi.net