Cemetery Committee Meeting, September 13, 2021

Present: David Jenney, Jane Auidi, Savannah Clark, Mary Sabins, Tom Richards and Sue Haines

Stone work: David and Jody wanted permission to work on stones more recent than 100 years ago, as stated in our newspaper notice. They have permission from the family of one particular stone in question so we feel they can go ahead and fix it. Before spring we will try to determine whether the 100 years is state law. We hope to rewrite next years newspaper notice to allow newer stones. Meanwhile on this particular stone in Methodist, Jody is waiting to use a tripod which will be available in mid October.

We will budget moneys to fix stones.

Pontem: we can have our data online to be searched by the public which seems worthwhile to us. This will cost $1800 upfront and then $1200 annually. This was voted and passed unanimously.

Savannah had done some research into signs. Leighton Signs in Oakland could sell us 6”x6” laminated signs for $14 each and the hardware to attach them for $3.50. We discussed these and various post options. Mary asked us what we envisioned for a sign and we each had different ideas so we tabled this discussion until next month.

Tom had a couple of concerns. He had brought to the meeting the sign which is always taken down when it has been put up, Nelson Road Cemetery. He also had two stones, one with only initials and one, William Gallagher which was found in the woods in the North Cemetery. We finally decided he would take them to the town garage for them to store, until we figure out what to do.

We also discussed the possible burials next door to Tom on Hussey Hill Rd. Tom thought that the man who found a marble stone standing upright in his field thought the name was Hussey and that there were 6 burials. This was a bit vague and Tom said he'd talk with his neighbor further.

Next meeting – October 4 at 3;30, presumably at the town office