Minutes Cemetery Meeting, September 12, 2022

Present: Savannah, Jane, David, Tom, Jody, Mary and Sue

North Cemetery – the signs are in and look great, and the steps have been reset, but cutting back to widen the road seems not to have been done.

Jody reported on a lot of work in the Methodist Cemetery, every week, either or all of Jody, David and Bruce worked. They love the tripod which has allowed them to do heavier stones than without it. Soon the season for work will come to an end. Jody and David have looked at the North cemetery for future work.

Next year we will need more epoxy and D2.

Mapping with Felicity – she has not done much so far but did contact Mary. We suspect that the distance is a problem.

The form for people to use when there is a burial is working, and Mary had a folder of sheets in various stages of completeness – burials without stones, stones with no burial, both. She gave it to Savannah who will input the information to Pontem, with Jody's help.

Mary announced that she has told the selectmen that she is retiring effective Jan 2023. And, Sue is leaving as of this meeting. Savannah will take over as chair.