Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes September 11, 2023

Present: Jody Kundreskas, David Jenney, Savannah Clark

Jody contacted the Robinson family and worked with them to clean and reset stones in the Webber Pond Road Cemetery. David also did a lot of pruning in the cemetery as well to increase visibility. Jody and David did some more pin work in Methodist and will continue doing any work they are able to there for the rest of the season. David also removed some grape vines from stones in Methodist. The Whitehouse Cemetery is fixed, and we have received many words of appreciation for our work. We discussed what cemeteries to focus on next year. We plan to look into the Bragg Cemetery as it was vandalized and possibly work on the North and other cemeteries close to roadways.

The mapping intern is no longer with us, we will continue to think of the best ways to map our cemeteries.

No update on the mowing contract currently.

We are going to purchase sixteen signs for the rows in Maple Grove and Center Vassalboro Baptist Cemeteries. After this purchase all the larger cemeteries will have signage.

At our next meeting we will workshop the cemetery rules. Savannah will bring copies of the cemetery rules and we will work on editing them, with a focus on monuments, resale of plots, and vegetation issues.

We need more members on the committee, we will continue to discuss how best to attract new members.

Next meeting will be October 2nd, 2023 at 3:30pm at the Town Office.